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 The Toronto Korean-Canadian Choir(TKCC) and the Dr. Schofield Memorial Scholarship Association of Korean-Canadians(DSMS) jointly going to present a very special concert in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the TKCC and the 20th anniversary of DSMS. 

 On this special occasion, I would like to express my deep appreciation to the members of  TKCCand to Mr. Yoon Sang Lee(chairman), Mr. Hae Ung Chang(president) and to Dr. Hoon Mo Kim(conductor) for giving us the opportunity to have this meaningful concert on November 16, 2019. At the same time, we are going to celebrate the 100th anniversary March 1st Movement in 1919 which proclaimed the independence of Korea and the Liberty of the Korean People from Japan.

 On March 1st Movement in 1919, the Korean people demanded their Independence from Japanese colonial rule at mass demonstrations, but the Japanese policemen and military forces brutally tortured and imprisoned approximately 46,000 Korean demonstrators. At that time, the Korean people were suffering under Japanese severe oppression. 

 As a result, Dr. Schofield tried to bring the International pressure on Japan in order to end the Japanese colonial rule in Korea. The March 1st movement in 1919 was an uprising of the Korean people against the Japanese occupation, which was started by 33 Korean cultural and religious leaders. However, Dr. Schofield was hailed as the 34th representative along with these 33 representatives of the Korean people.

 During his stay in Korea, Dr. Schofield not only resisted against the Japanese imperialism and militarism, but also reported and informed the outside world about the Japanese brutal repression and colonial policy against the Korean people. He was also a missionary and an eminent Canadian scholar. 

 Hence, Dr. Schofield has emerged as one of the greatest men in our history. He passed away on April 12, 1970 and was buried at Seoul National Cemetery, "Korea is my eternal home, please bury me in the Korean soil." He was the first foreigner to be interred at Seoul National Cemetery.

 The Dr. Schofield Memorial Scholarship Association of Korean-Canadians was founded in 1999 in Toronto, in memory of Dr. Schofield's great contribution and dedication to the Korean people during the Japanese occupation of 1919. 

 With our main objective, which is to honor and show our appreciation to his devotion and sacrifice, we instituted DSMS in order to support his alma mater, the Ontario Veterinary College, of The University of Guelph. The Scholarship honours Dr. Schofield's active role in the Korean Independence movement, as well as his academic and medical contributions in the early 20th century.

 Our association is comprised of dedicated board members whose annual contributions have been the backbone of our scholarship fund. To date, we have awarded Dr. Schofield Scholarships to 45 students from the Veterinary College, The University of Guelph. In 2009, The Pan Asia Food Company, and The Sam Jin Global Net Company, both established new scholarship awards for DSMS.

 All past recipients are currently working at many prominent universities and research institutes throughout Canada and the United States. The award is $2500 per student, and $7500 awarded annually to three deserving students who have been recommended by the Veterinary College, of The University of Guelph.

 A new wonderful building for the Veterinary College was completed in 2011, with the addition of the Dr. Schofield -Korea Seminar Room. Under the agreement between the University and Dr. Schofield Memorial Scholarship association of Korean-Canadians, we have displayed a bronze bust of Dr. Schofield, which was sculptured by the Umian Co, of Seoul, South Korea.

 We would like to extend our special thanks to Dr. Prescott and Dr. Jeffrey Wichtel, who have both supported us so much, and have made our endeavors successful. We believe that by encouraging promising students from The University of Guelph, we not only honor and bestow our heritage to our future generation of Korean-Canadians, but also continue to honor and express our gratitude to Dr. Schofield, who devoted his life and sacrificed so much for Korean Independence.

The Board of Directors of the Dr. Schofield Memorial Scholarship Association

 Chang Bok Lee, Young Hee Lee, Hak Sung Kim, Donald Choi, Yoon Sang Lee, Young Bae Kim



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